“How I went from:

  • being new to the beauty industry,
  • to becoming a Lash Artist
  • to achieving my dream income by adding just ONE SIMPLE NEW SKILL
  • &  finally owning MY VERY OWN Wellness Spa …

AND what I would do differently, knowing what I know NOW.”

  • Whether you are in your 20’s and looking for direction in your life…
  • Or if you are mid-life, and realize you want or need a change in career

without feeling like you have to start over and dedicate months or years of education, and time & money you don’t have, before being able to get started on a new path.

This may surprise you.

 I’ll go out on a limb here,

And tell you that simply reading this short page right now, might change your whole way of thinking about starting a new career in beauty, for the rest of your life.

Can you relate?

Do you want to be able to support yourself and your family without having to depend on anyone else?

Are you like me, and can’t just stop life to dedicate time and effort to “start over”?

Is the thought of going back to school keeping you from achieving your dreams?

It’s not your fault. And I will tell you the exact reason in a second.

I’ll show you how I turned my life around in JUST ONE DAY & started a new career in beauty, one that landed me as a wellness spa owner and allowed me to buy my own home!

But first, let me introduce myself…

Hey, my name is Mia.

I’m a Lash Artist, Microcurrent Technician, and Wellness Spa Owner.

In February 2017, Something Happened that Changed My Life

It started out as a day like any other, (or so I thought). I dropped my kids off at school, went to work at my office job, where I made $15/hr,

and that’s when I got the worst call ever.

My husband had been in a car accident.

I was so scared. I couldn’t see through the tears in my eyes, but somehow, I got myself in my car, and I raced over to the hospital.

That’s where I heard the worst news of my life. I found out that he didn’t make it.

My life fell apart. Not only was I heartbroken over losing the love of my life, I had a new reality hit me like a hurricane.

He had been making a lot more money than me, and with him suddenly gone, I just couldn’t keep everything going.

How was I supposed to pay all of our bills and raise 2 kids on $15/hr?

I lost our house, and I ended up having to move myself & my kids back in with my parents.

I didn’t know what I was going to do. I needed to find a way to make more money (A LOT MORE money!), and FAST! My kids were depending on me.

But it was so hard. I was still working full time at my office job, then tending to my kids and helping them with their homework in the evenings.

After they went to bed, that was my only time to close myself off in my room, & comb through the internet to try to find SOME MAGIC OPPORTUNITY.

Any jobs that paid a lot more, always required way more experience and education than I had.

Even though I knew I’m a fast learner, dedicated hard worker, & have the potential to succeed at whatever I set my mind to, all of these ads made me feel like I’m just not good enough.

Until one Thursday, I bumped into an ad on Facebook. The ad was for a one-day training & certification course, to learn to do Eyelash Extensions, no license required. The course was $697.

That was a lot of money to me at the time, but I knew it was something I could do, if I set my mind to it.

I did some research, and I found out that Lash Technicians were making around $80/hr, and I knew that this just might be the opportunity I needed to lift myself and my family out of my parent’s house and back into independence.

I Had Always Dreamed of a Career in Beauty

This one-day course was the answer for me!

In just one day of training, I got certified and set up with everything I needed to get to work the very next day!

I couldn’t believe it. The secrets I discovered there, shocked me:

We’ve been sold lies ... Let’s be honest for a moment

We’ve been taught that for a career in beauty, you have to go back to college or “Beauty School,” and dedicate months or years of fulltime study in order to get your license and finally be able to work in the beauty industry.

With 2 kids and a fulltime job already, HOW was I supposed to manage that? It was impossible for me.

It’s Not Your Fault

The truth is, you never had a fighting chance to go back to school and start over.

You don’t need to. And here’s why:

Can we agree that we all only have 24 hours in a day? It’s hard enough to juggle a fulltime job AND raising kids?

So then, how are you supposed to magically add hours to the day to fit in full time schooling?

And if you’re anything like me, you need to be able to get a full night’s sleep, just to keep your sanity and face the next day.

… Which is why it’s almost impossible to get additional education under your belt.

… And you nearly gave up on the idea of being able to go after a career in beauty, because getting licensed seemed so far out of reach to you.

That’s EXACTLY what happened to me.

But the truth is…

You Don’t Even Have to Be Licensed to Perform Certain Services in the Beauty Industry

Eyelash Extensions is one of them.

Microcurrent Technician is another. (I’m getting to that part of my journey in a second.)

Let me tell you what happened next…

I had only dreamed of having a beauty career, and there I was, about to learn a new skill that would change my life forever.

The class was amazing! The instructors were very knowledgeable. There were only about 10 students in the class, so I felt like I got a lot of personal, one-on-one instruction. They actually taught me so much more than simply how to apply the lashes. They had a whole section on how to set up my own business with it! It was exactly what I needed to get started on my own. And that’s exactly what I did.


I took my shiny new certificate, and my new set of skills, and I practiced on all my friends and family.

For a while I did “mobile lashes”, where I would drive to the clients’ houses and do lashes for them there. Then, after I built up some ‘regulars’ who were booking with me repeatedly, I found a room I could rent out, and started having my clients come to me.

My life got back on track. I’m so happy I found this training academy and learned their secrets to success, because, FINALLY, I wasn’t dependent on other people anymore.

After all I had been through, I discovered that..

A Career in the Beauty Industry Was Not Out of Reach For Me
Thanks to Their One Day Training


I was in control of my life, and my family was thriving.

But there was only one thing wrong…

I am just one person, with only so many hours in my days. And let’s face it, doing eyelash extensions takes a lot of intense focus, so you end up getting a neck ache and eye strain if you try to do it for too many hours in a day.

I reached a point where I was making good money…

But I Had Bigger Dreams Than That

I was doing just fine renting a room space to see my clients in, but what I really wanted was to run my own shop.

I also wanted to own my own home, one day, and in the back of my mind, I knew I needed to start thinking about saving for my kids’ education.

I knew I reached my potential for income as an eyelash technician.

Also, competition was getting fierce. It seemed like overnight, everyone and their mother had become eyelash technicians, and with so much competition, I had to lower my price for lashes awhile back.

That thought was really depressing to me, and the thought of “I’m just not good enough” would creep into my brain time after time.

Somehow, I needed to figure out a way to earn even more income, without adding more hours (and neck aches, and eye strain) to my days.

It must have been fate, or the Universe, or whatever you want to call it.

Because there I was one morning, as I was sitting in my room waiting for my client to show up…

I saw an email from this same training academy, that they were offering a new one-day training & certification class, and former students would get a special reduced price.

After the way their first class changed everything for me, this caught my attention

The class they were offering was for non-invasive, totally natural Non-Surgical Facelift Procedures, and I thought, “What could this be?”

As I read more about it, I realized I would be training to become a certified Microcurrent Technician and learn how to do microcurrent facial beauty treatments.

And you want to know the best part? Microcurrent techs make an average of $300/hr! ($150 for a 30 minute treatment!)

This is exactly what I had been hoping for. I knew that if I took just one day to go and take this new class, I would now be able to offer a new service to my clients, and this new one would earn me almost 4 times as much as I was making doing lashes. I would be able to make so much more money, and I would be able to do it a lot quicker.

After spending the last year building a good life for me and my kids, I was actually going to be able to double, triple, or even quadruple my potential and all the possibilities that would bring to me.

This was a no brainer.

They had a class coming up again in Miami, so I jumped on it.

The class was the same price I paid for the Eyelash class, only this class included a beautiful professional machine that does both microcurrent & ultrasonic beauty treatments, a special premium face serum called, Active Ions, and conductive gel.

It was everything I needed to get started doing the facial treatments that very next day.

Machine & Gels that were included FREE with the class

I also learned so much in the class about face muscles, nerves & cellular energy. I was blown away by how much education I received!

They taught me exactly how to manipulate each muscle in the face to get the results you want. Some muscles need to be relaxed, because they get used to being so tight all the time, and that causes wrinkles. And then some muscles need to be tightened, because over time they aren’t used as much, and they start to sag. I learned exactly what to do & how to do it so that I can give amazing results to my clients from the very start.

It was great, too, because again, they had a whole section dedicated to business, and I got so many great tips on my next step of owning my own shop.

This Became My Ultimate Beauty Career Dream

As soon as I got back from the class, I went to work.

I created a service menu & added these new treatments to it. Because it is recommended that clients have 8-12 weekly sessions in a row to start, followed up by a maintenance session every month, I created “packages” of 4, 8 & 12 sessions. If they buy a package, the price is reduced a little, but it’s nice because it locks them in as a client, and it also gives me more cashflow up front.

This Became the Secret that Helped Me Grow Quicker

My income increased at a ridiculous rate.

I also started attracting even more clientele, just through word of mouth, because microcurrent facials offer such insane results, my client’s friends kept asking them what they were doing different. (Just ask your friends & family if they would want to look 5-7 years younger after only one treatment.)

So, they gave them my number, and they all started coming to me.

And not only that, but the new clientele was very elite. They not only “didn’t mind” paying higher prices for the microcurrent services, THEY EXPECTED to pay more because the value was so worth it, in their mind, for the kind of results they were getting.

Some of them had been paying a ton for fillers every few weeks, and they were so happy to be getting off of those, and instead doing something way more healthy & natural for their appearance. This is like a workout for your face, and they love it.

In fact, I was the only one in my area offering this service, and one of these new clients knew somebody, who knew somebody, and one day I got a call from a famous NFL player.

He had heard that microcurrent therapy could also reduce pain from sports injuries (this is another thing I learned in the class!), and his wife was interested in it for the facials.

They were so happy with my services, they both posted stories on their Instagram, and then the calls started pouring in. WHOA. How cool is that?

I felt like I was finally at the top of my game.

I had happy clients. More clients than I knew what to do with!

I started booking more non-surgical facelift treatments than lashes, only keeping my favorite clients as lash customers.

Honestly, if I knew then what I know now, I would have jumped straight to doing microcurrent, and skipped lashes altogether. My time is worth so much more as a microcurrent tech. (Not to mention saving my neck, back & eye strain. LoL)

AND I FINALLY expanded & rented my very own shop space – my wellness spa!

My shop had 3 rooms, and I kept 2 as “retail spaces”, and I rented one space out to a licensed esthetician, which expanded my spa menu to include facials and all kinds of other services.

One thing I learned was that if you are performing services that don’t require a license, you can dedicate areas of the shop into “retail spaces” where non-licensed services can be performed. Only areas that are zoned for “licenced’ services can be used by licensed professionals. This is such an easy thing to do.

In 2 short years, I went from being a widowed office girl who had no way of taking care of her family, to now owning & operating my own wellness spa. Grateful doesn’t even cover it.

Of Course, No One Expected 2020 & COVID 19

Last year was tough.

My brand-new shop had to shut its doors during the lockdown. I opened back up in June. (So thankful Florida opened back up pretty quickly.)

I lost income, but I had some money saved up, so thankfully, I was okay. (My heart hurts for all the people in the rest of our country who had to stay closed for most of the year. I don’t know how you could survive.)

I’m grateful I was able to recover and get my business back on track.

I’ve learned so much in these last 3 years, most important,

I’ve learned my Dreams Can Come True

  • I Have One of the Best Careers in Beauty
  • I’m a Business Owner
  • I’m Saving For My Kids Education
  • AND I Just Bought My Own Home!

I’ve actually had 3 other friends who have asked me how I have been able to do what I have done. And I’ve told them my secret. (I strongly believe, as women, we need to lift each other up.)

It all started with an ad on social media that showed me the secret to fast tracking my success and achieving my potential.

I shared that these awesome training courses, that take only one day to get up and running, are offered by a company called, Brite Spa Academy. They saved my life. Literally. I am forever grateful.

Thank you, Brite Spa, from the bottom of my heart.  … When’s your next class? LoL

– Mia in Miami


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